Paige Brucoli


Hello, and WELCOME to my bio page.

I'm Paige Brucoli - and I'm here to tell you that change is possible!

We create our futures! Through practicing mindfulness and seeking fulfillment across the dimensions of wellness, we can all live vibrant lives full of joy and love. 

Today is your chance to take a step into awareness and see all of the possibilities that are in front of you. You can choose to play an active role in your life and create space within yourself to foster genuine happiness and fulfillment. 

Regarding wellness and happiness, the road to aligning your goals and actions will look different for everyone. I’m here to give beneficial exposure to wellness options and resources, so that you can implement habits and decision making techniques that will set you up for success.

I give high energy, motivational, and educational presentation. The information I present on and talk about with my clients is all very close to my heart. I'm passionate about treating our minds and bodies with love and care. It takes effort to be HAPPY! 

Some of the things I regularly practice and implement in my daily life are gratitude journaling, "I am..." statements, self-love affirmations, SMART goal setting, regular physical activity, meditation, and healthy communication. These practices are what keep me smiling and on track!


Science Based

My educational background studying the human body has given me a wealth of knowledge that I’m eager to share! In 2018, I graduated The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH with my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Exercise Science Education.


I believe humans are capable of creating endless amounts of love. With that care and understanding, we can change the lives of the people we meet for the better. We are all students of life and learning everyday, so treating others and ourselves with love is key.


"My love of the human body and how we can use physical wellness to influence the brain has always mesmerized me. I believe that the start to curing the mental health pandemic begins with each and every one of us! If you aren’t personally struggling with mental health, you know someone who is. To spread love and kindness, we have to start by being loving and kind to ourselves. Putting effort into healthy communication, expressing gratitude, and creating healthy habits that encourage personal growth in all the dimensions of wellness is crucial to building lifestyles we can all enjoy and be proud to live."

                  - Paige Brucoli


"I have known Paige for over a decade and have watched her wellness journey grow and flourish. Paige embodies a healthy mindset, both physically and mentally. She puts her whole heart into everything she sets her mind to. It is rare to meet someone as kind, caring, and calm as Paige!"

Katin A.

Mara (8).JPG

"Paige's unending love and true care for others and their wellbeing are key to her ministry.  Each experience with Paige is unique.  Her attentiveness and ability to work through tough tensions always leaves one feeling understood and encouraged. All of help Paige gives is truly appreciated!"

Mara K.


"Paige is the perfect listener. We can always communicate easily, and she has positive feedback to give about any situation. She has helped me in more ways than I can count."

Merna Y.